About Us & Wedding Party

The Bride: 
Angela Han was born in Taiwan, but came to America at a young age.  She grew up in Northeast Philadelphia, graduating from Little Flower Catholic High School before attending college at the University of Pennsylvania.  She now has a Masters in Education, and is working towards her certificate in special education.  Angela currently teaches 2nd grade in South Philadelphia.

The Groom:
Dan Keeley was born and raised in Northeast Philadelphia.  He graduated from La Salle College High School before attending college at the University of Pennsylvania.  He currently leads a team of Clinical Information Technology staff in Camden, NJ. 

As you can imagine, we met at the University of Pennsylvania, having both played in the Penn Band.  We were friends for many years before we finally got together years after college.  We moved into a home together in South Philadelphia where we live today.  We are very excited to spend our lives together, and are glad that you took the time to visit our site! 

Maid of Honor:
Nancy Han, Angela's sister, will be one of two Maids of Honor for our wedding.  Finally the little sister gets to boss the big sister around for a day! 

Slave of Honor:
Valerie Panti, Angela's friend, will be the second Maid of Honor, I mean, the Slave of Honor, for our wedding.  Valerie will do the bidding of the bride for one day and one day only as her wedding present. 

Bridesmaid & Ring Bearer: Nancy Cornett, Dan's sister, along with one of our Ring Bearers, Colm, Dan's nephew (Nancy & Bill).  Dan: "I feel like I have known Nancy all my life, and I am fairly certain I have known Colm all of his."

Bridesmaid: Caryn Keeley, Dan's sister-in-law, will also assist in keeping Angela in line on the wedding day.  She's also an RN now just in case anything gets out of hand.

Junior Bridesmaid: 
Elizabeth Keeley, Dan's niece (Mike & Caryn), will be our lovely junior bridesmaid for the big event.  We can only hope she does not outshine the bride herself!

Lead Ring Bearer:
Ryan Keeley, Dan's nephew (Mike & Caryn), will be our lead ring bearer in charge of the trio.  We know he is up to the task whenever "An-ge-la!" asks.

Bestman: Everett Herman, Dan's friend, always the master of disguise, will come back from the wrong side of the state for the big event.

Groomsman: James "Thug Life" Caringal, Dan's friend, will be breaking out of jail just for us.  (Don't tell him - the guards are coming at midnight!)

Groomsman: Mike Keeley, Dan's brother, assuming there are no marathons or Ironman races that day, should be there to celebrate with us.

Groomsman & Ring Bearer: Bill Cornett, Dan's brother-in-law, along with another one of our Ring Bearers, Liam, Dan's nephew (Bill & Nancy).  Not sure if we will see much of Bill while he is running after two little boys all night, but I am sure Liam will be a perfect gentleman that night, right?